You Need This One To Park Your Car Without Any Scratch

If you’re not a good driver, you need no worry to park your car. Technology comes to help you! Yeah,..necessity is the mother of invention. Men on the labs keep doing research to make your life easier each and every day. And in terms of parking matters, simply install this Ouku Rear Camera on your car.

This gadget is one of the best-seller. Running in android, it also comes with games, MP3 player, radio and of course is touch screen. No matter where you’re from, i think you can use this devices as it has 20 languages in options. Vietnamese? Thai? Hungary? You name it!

Screen size is 6.2 inch with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. 

Who is Ouku? As far as i’m concerned, they are a Chines-based company specializing in computer, communication and consumer products. That’s the information i got from Bloomberg. Ever wondering to visit Ouku’s official website? You need to learn Chinese and Hanji (Chinese characters) then.

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