The most popular Car Color in USA for two consecutive years

2008 Automotive Color Popularity Chart

2008 Automotive Color Popularity Chart

What’s your favorite color? What’s the color of your car? If it is white, then you are among 20% of car owners in North America. Global Automotive Color giant DuPont revealed their research, 2008 Automotive Color Popularity Chart that shows how consumer’s mind-set determines their car color choices.

Since 2007, White has been the most popular colors on the road. Last year, 2008, White car is the choice of 20% (Solid 16% – Pearl 4%) people in US followed by Black with 17% (solid 11% – effect 6%).

“White is a transitional color that signals a pause after a long- running trend and in advance of a new trend.” Karen Surcina, color-marketing manager of DuPont Performance coatings said.

What about red color like of Ferrari? Only 11% picked the color red while Lamborghini’s trademark color, yellow only got 2%.

Or maybe green which represents the eco-friendly car could get even better? Too bad you’re wrong as it only received 1% better than the yellow.

Anyway, for car industry the data show the increasing influence of color as a deciding factor when buying cars. Surcina added, “This year’s research showed an emerging trend of more people –- nearly 40% — who are willing to change their choice of vehicle based on the available colors of the car.”

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