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Two Images on One Screen using Parallax by Land Rover

2010 Range Rover's Dual View Navigation System

2010 Range Rover's Dual View Navigation System

Two people on the car surely have different concerns in mind; more particularly when they’re respectively sitting on the front and the back; For instance, when driving your car, you need information from the GPS navigation system which of course your children on the back don’t care about; all they need is watching DVD cartoon movie.

And now, the new device by LAND ROVER is to indulge both the driver and passengers as it provides completely different images simultaneously. Unlike the SPLITVIEW of Mercedes Benz S Class Summer 2009… which splits the screen, this 12-inch touchscreen infotainment system incorporates the patented PARALLAX BARRIER TECHNOLOGY to displays two images in the same screen depending on the viewing angle. The technology alternately hides and reveals columns of pixels to the left and right hand views of the screen.

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