President Obama is going to ride The Beast!

Obama Presidential Car: Cadillac One - The Beast

Obama Presidential Car: Cadillac One - The Beast

As Spiderman’s alter-ego Peter Parker taking photographs at President Obama’s inauguration, he spots two identical Obama’s. He then decided it time for Spiderman to spring into action, using basketball to find the real Obama.
That’s what happens in the comics by Marvel: The Amazing Spiderman, featuring President-elect Barack Obama, to be released on January 14th, 2009.

Actually in the real world, upon his inauguration President Obama will receive a new model of Vulcain Watch: the Anniversary Heart. After being sworn as the 44th President of USA on 20th January 2009, President Barack Obama will have his first ride in the stretch limo, ‘THE BEAST’ to parades along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

THE BEAST – that’s what Secret Service Agents call the limo, is developed by General Motors in Detroit and based on a Cadillac chassis. It features bulletproof glass and armor-plating throughout as well as hermetically-sealed to withstand chemical weapons.

CADILLAC ONE – that’s the official name for this Presidential Car features hand-stitched leather for the interior and includes a 10-disc CD player with remote control. As with previous presidential limos, it is also equipped with high tech electronic communication system to allow President Obama stay connected to the world.

pre-coated Obama's Cadillac One - The Beast; to be ready on the inauguration January 20th, 2009

pre-coated Obama's Cadillac One - The Beast; to be ready on the inauguration January 20th, 2009

Some features revealed:

  • 8 inches thick armor-plated doors, weighing the same as a cabin door on a Boeing 757 airliner.
  • Driver’s window: tough enough to withstand armour-glencing bullet. The only window that opens – by just three inches – allows the driver to talk to the secret service agents running alongside.
  • Driver’s Compartment includes standard steering wheel, but the dashboard is installed with a communication center and GPS tracking system.
  • The boot contains an independent oxygen supply and advanced fire-fighting system.
  • Defense systems include pump-action shotguns, night-vision cameras and tear-gas cannons. Supplies of the President’s blood will also be kept on board in case he needs emergency medical treatment.
  • The petrol tank is amour-plated, while also being filled with specially designed foam to prevent it from exploding if the armor is penetrated.
  • Tyres on the limousine are Kevlar-reinforced, puncture- and shred-resistant, with special steel rims that allow the car to continue driving even if the tyre is missing.
  • The bodywork is made up of a combination of dual-hardness steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramic material to break up possible projectiles.
  • Rear Seat: Obama’s seat has an executive packages featuring desktop, laptop computer with wi-fi, state of the art satellite phone and direct line to the vice president and Pentagon.

This OBAMOBILE is worth US $300,000 but it’s not available on the market. Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell said,

“What’s developed for this vehicle is unique and remains very private and secretive. Another nation could not call us and say, ‘let’s do that’.”

With THE BEAST on the road, the previous presidential limo: a modified Cadillac DTS – introduced at President George W. Bush’s second inauguration in 2005, is going to bring Vice President Joe Biden and traveling world leaders.

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15 thoughts on “President Obama is going to ride The Beast!”

  1. I was overwhelmed by interest to know exactly how this car was made quite differnt from the normal ones in the market
    Anyway , l realised that being a President of the world ,so to say, he deserves this special package for security purposes. Obama is a special man God has destinyed to be special in all ramifications, Would l say that he is the king Solomon of our time whose tenure was embroided with God's favour and blessing.

  2. I was overwhelmed by interest to know exactly how this car was made quite differnt from the normal ones in the market , this is a lovely car for the number one citizen in the world. I wish to tank the people of America for the opportunity given this man to serve. May God almighty bless the people of America and long live America and long live Obama.


  3. Its amazing,the car was spoted recently in Ghana mmmmmmmmmm nice facilities.That is cool for Obama .
    Have fun OB.we are with you bro.
    Sunyani Ghana.

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