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My Kid Wants an RV!

I don’t have an RV yet. But my son really really wants to have one. That’s because he watched Ben-10 and he thinks Benjamin has the coolest car ever! He kept imagining he lives in the RV going around the country. Just like Ben 10..and of course complete with all the fighting and the aliens.

Well…to realize his dream, I’d better start with this Deluxe Grilling Table by Camco. Hehehe….  One by one, piece by piece…

Who is Camco? As far as i’m concerned, they are one of the long experienced (40 years) company producing RV accessories. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, they’ve been expanding their business to many cities and abroad (China).

I recommend you the best seller item, measuring 57.75 inch wide, 19 inch depth and 32 inch height. It employs light-weight-yet-strong steel frame. Therefore, when  you’re already arrive,..simply set this Grill up and start cooking and eating. Enjoy!

I Buy This Grill