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Holiday Comes,..It’s Time To Change

The holiday is about to come. Time to change the interior of your cars. Let’s start with the seat cover as well as the steering wheel cover.

Bell Automotive presents a Baja Blanket Seat Cover with non-itchy materials. The pattern is inspired by a fun Southwest, giving a traditional look and the touch of poncho. If you buy the steering wheel with same pattern, then you will have complete atmosphere.

Who is Bell Automotive?

Well, this company was founded by Roy Richter who started his business making the most protective auto racing helmet ever. He then expanded his business into automotive accessories.

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Is The Baby Safe at The Back?

I know i need this tool. Why?

Because God just sent us a new baby. She is 3 month old now. And soon she will be travelling with us cheerfully on her baby car seat. And when she does, i need to make sure she’s fine at the back. At that time, i need to install this rear view baby mirror in our car.

Mike and Jack brings us the pivoting rear view mirror with anti-shattering feature. Drive Safely and the baby passenger seat safely.

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Red Dragon on your Car

China on Progress

China on Progress

China, land of Deng Xiaoping is recently on the top of the world. Summer Olympics 2008 was held successfully in Beijing, China as Billions of eyes beheld the spectacular opening. In addition, to appreciate the dynamic vibrancy of Beijing City and its architecture, Louis Vuitton provides a unique concept of ‘Beijing’ Bag Wall on their boutique store; the feature has now become the new standard for the LV Store in Asia.

China’s traditional color is red. It means good luck, joy and happiness. Red symbolizes Fire Element which can chase out all evil; while the divine mythical creature DRAGON is the symbol of ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune. Hopefully, by putting the red color and dragon on your car interior accessories, you will get abundant good fortune.

The Red Dragon Car Accessories set consists of Dragon Steering Wheel, Car Seat Cover, and Floor Mat; all in red background.

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Ed Hardy “Love Kills” Car Accessories by Christian Audigier

Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy "Love Kills" Artwork

Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy "Love Kills" Artwork

Nazareth, the 70’s hard rock band said “Love Hurts”, but Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier says: “Love Kills”!

Consisting of Car Seat, Steering Wheel, Windshield and Floor Mats, the car accessories set features the Christian Audigier’s superb expression.

Ed Hardy is one of the brands by luxury fashion designer Christian Audigier who is internationally considered one of the most rising designer in fashion history. Recently, Audigier contributed his artworks over Lamborghini Murciélago LP 710.

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President Obama is going to ride The Beast!

Obama Presidential Car: Cadillac One - The Beast

Obama Presidential Car: Cadillac One - The Beast

As Spiderman’s alter-ego Peter Parker taking photographs at President Obama’s inauguration, he spots two identical Obama’s. He then decided it time for Spiderman to spring into action, using basketball to find the real Obama.
That’s what happens in the comics by Marvel: The Amazing Spiderman, featuring President-elect Barack Obama, to be released on January 14th, 2009.

Actually in the real world, upon his inauguration President Obama will receive a new model of Vulcain Watch: the Anniversary Heart. After being sworn as the 44th President of USA on 20th January 2009, President Barack Obama will have his first ride in the stretch limo, ‘THE BEAST’ to parades along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

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