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Tools To Help You in a Roadside Emergency

Do you have an RV ?

Kewl.. My kid really wants that one. He dream about travelling around the country, just like Benjamin “Ben 10” – his favorite super hero.

But, me always think about practical issues. What if one night we took a lonely country road – crossing the forest or dessert – then the engine stops?

No people around. Alone in the dark… How can we get any help? We’re no super hero. It’s the real life, kiddo!

Thanks God, Amazon gives me the answer. Simply equip your RV with this Best Selling LED rechargeable Spot Light by Stanley!

Who is Stanley?

It’s one of the trustworthy brands in America, currently member of Baccus Group. For such difficult situation, you need to rely on best tools, right?

This is also one of the best selling items in Amazon, and it becomes best seller with some reasons, of course. What are they?

This spotlight is durable and waterproof. It will give you light (520 lumen) and beckoning a sign for up to 10 hours. Enough time to repair your cars until the sun rises. And this Stanley Spotlight is waterproof, the feature you need under the raining roadside emergency.

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Holiday Comes,..It’s Time To Change

The holiday is about to come. Time to change the interior of your cars. Let’s start with the seat cover as well as the steering wheel cover.

Bell Automotive presents a Baja Blanket Seat Cover with non-itchy materials. The pattern is inspired by a fun Southwest, giving a traditional look and the touch of poncho. If you buy the steering wheel with same pattern, then you will have complete atmosphere.

Who is Bell Automotive?

Well, this company was founded by Roy Richter who started his business making the most protective auto racing helmet ever. He then expanded his business into automotive accessories.

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Is The Baby Safe at The Back?

I know i need this tool. Why?

Because God just sent us a new baby. She is 3 month old now. And soon she will be travelling with us cheerfully on her baby car seat. And when she does, i need to make sure she’s fine at the back. At that time, i need to install this rear view baby mirror in our car.

Mike and Jack brings us the pivoting rear view mirror with anti-shattering feature. Drive Safely and the baby passenger seat safely.

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Rick Castle Must Have Had This Decal Sticker!

This decal sticker – fit nicely on the rear window of your car – says “I’m A Writer. What’s Your Superpower?”.

The words promptly ring my bells. It reminds me of Rick Castle, the fictional character on the TV series “Castle“. Many times on some episodes, Richard Castle took part in ambush which required him wearing bulletproof vest. His friends, Kate Beckett, Javier Esposito, and Kevin Ryan has “Police” text written on their tags while Rick has “Writer” on his. That’s because he is a writer.

And he make a fortune as a writer. He can have luxurious house, state-of-the-art gadgets, first-class word travels and many things money can buy. That’s also what happens to you when you are a best-selling author in the real life. Your mother must be very proud of you. :)

Therefore, your pride! Put this decal sticker and let everyone knows about your profession.

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You Need This One To Park Your Car Without Any Scratch

If you’re not a good driver, you need no worry to park your car. Technology comes to help you! Yeah,..necessity is the mother of invention. Men on the labs keep doing research to make your life easier each and every day. And in terms of parking matters, simply install this Ouku Rear Camera on your car.

This gadget is one of the best-seller. Running in android, it also comes with games, MP3 player, radio and of course is touch screen. No matter where you’re from, i think you can use this devices as it has 20 languages in options. Vietnamese? Thai? Hungary? You name it!

Screen size is 6.2 inch with resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. 

Who is Ouku? As far as i’m concerned, they are a Chines-based company specializing in computer, communication and consumer products. That’s the information i got from Bloomberg. Ever wondering to visit Ouku’s official website? You need to learn Chinese and Hanji (Chinese characters) then.

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My Kid Wants an RV!

I don’t have an RV yet. But my son really really wants to have one. That’s because he watched Ben-10 and he thinks Benjamin has the coolest car ever! He kept imagining he lives in the RV going around the country. Just like Ben 10..and of course complete with all the fighting and the aliens.

Well…to realize his dream, I’d better start with this Deluxe Grilling Table by Camco. Hehehe….  One by one, piece by piece…

Who is Camco? As far as i’m concerned, they are one of the long experienced (40 years) company producing RV accessories. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, they’ve been expanding their business to many cities and abroad (China).

I recommend you the best seller item, measuring 57.75 inch wide, 19 inch depth and 32 inch height. It employs light-weight-yet-strong steel frame. Therefore, when  you’re already arrive,..simply set this Grill up and start cooking and eating. Enjoy!

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Gold Plated Palm Tree Cruiser License Plate Frame

gold plated Palm Tree Chrome License Plate Frame

gold plated Palm Tree Cruiser License Plate Frame

This cruiser accessories chrome license plate frame surely takes me back to Dubai palm islands, an artificial archipelago located off the coast of Persian Gulf. My friend, Aristo still lives there, working and supporting ManUnited always. :) The palm trees are plated in 24k white gold. It will add a tropical island flare to your vehicle.

Price: US $26.25.

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Red Devils on your Steering Wheel

Manchester United Steering Wheel Cover

Manchester United Steering Wheel Cover

Manchester United beat Chelsea 3 – 0 at Old Trafford to take them only 5 points away from the leading Liverpool. Man U has the chance to surpass Liverpool as they have 2 matches less. Can Red Devils do it?

Share your enthusiasm to Manchester United FC with this steering wheel cover. It will protect your hands from hot and cold extremes. It’s easy to install, no tools required and instantly customize your car, truck or SUV.

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Borbet LV4 Alloy Wheel Trim Set from Motor World Car Accessories

Borbey LV4 Alloy Wheel Trim from UK Motor World Car Accessories

Borbet LV4 Alloy Wheel Trim from UK Motor World Car Accessories

As seen in Auto Express, UK’s Motor World Car Accessories presents you Borbet LV4 Alloy Wheels and Tyre package. With size of 6.5×15, it is available in three tyre options of

  • 195/50/15 Tyres
  • 195/45/15 Tyres
  • 195/65/15 Tyres

The color is Matt Anthracite and sold for £426.96.

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Christian Audigier contributes skulls and vines to Lamborghini Murciélago LP 710

Audigier's Skulls and Vines on the seats of Lamborghini Murciélago LP 710

Audigier's Skulls and Vines on the seats of Lamborghini Murciélago LP 710

Diamante skulls and vines are around the limited edition Lamborghini Murciélago LP 710. While Edo modified the engine (the origin was Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640), a luxury fashion designer Christian Audigier – widely considered one of the most rising designer in fashion history – picture the theme of exterior and interior. The yellow and white skulls and vines adorn the seats, dashboard, door panels and center console.

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